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Colourful Cocker Spaniel dog art print

My style

I'm an instinctive painter who enjoys mixing a chaotic, colourful, and textured process with mixed media, then finishing off with a contrasting overlay of precision detail. I love the way these styles come together and the challenge it makes when creating each unique piece.

My love and passion for all Animals, I like to think comes alive when I pull them together on canvas, then the satisfaction knowing that someone else love's them enough to have them in their homes as part of their interior.



A lot of my inspiration comes from the way Animals move, their unique personalities and the texture of their fur is something I finds fascinating. Colour in general is also a source of inspiration for me, getting inspired from a walk on the beach to visiting a fair ground.

After years of studying and painting Animals, I feel if you look into their eyes you can tell what they may be trying to say, it’s like looking into their soul, and trying to capture this emotion in my artwork is always a challenge, but one that I love.

The colourful dogs came about because of Meg AKA Kevin AKA Mr Licky the family Jack Russell, this was the first Dog I painted, my original thought was if you could see inside her this is what you would find, a crazy colourful soul, full of charter and spirt, completely bonkers in every way with just the most loving nature and beautiful soul.

A bit about me

I have been exhibiting my work for the last 6 years full time. Although I have been creating for most of my life, working in home interiors, Visual Merchandising, and the Fashion industry for over ten years.

Most Days you can find me working out of my home Studio based in Worcestershire, working on customer Commissions and new projects. Each month I attend Art and Craft events around the Midlands and Cotswolds. Some of these include Cirencester, Cheltenham, Leamington spa, Worcester, and Stratford-upon-Avon to name but a few.

Over the years I have sold at the Festive Gift fair at the NEC, and the RHS Malvern spring / Autumn Festivals, and Art in the Park Leamington.

If you would like to find out where I will be next, please visit my Event page on my website.

  Colourful print of a Border Collie

My chosen Medium

My main choice of medium is Mixed Media, I describe this as everything that is available in my tool box, this consists of acrylic paint, inks, watercolours, a mixture of pencils and coloured pencils, tissue paper, handmade lino cuts, star stamps, and spoons the list goes on its endless.

Each piece starts off with a studied pencil drawing of the subject, then the fun starts!  It’s a feeling I get on what colours or textures come next, no one painting is ever the same, and of course not all paintings get completed.

For more information on where to find me or to follow my story, pop along to our Instagram page –